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April 29, 2017

Shielding Our Protectors

Critical Incident Response Service

Fraternal Order of Police, of Ohio, Inc.
Critical Incident Response Service

Deirdre Delong, Program Coordinator
222 East Town Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215-4611

Ohio Toll Free: 1-800-367-6524 (24 hours)
Office: 614-224-5700
Facsimile: 614-224-5775


A critical incident is defined as: "Any event, which has a stressful impact sufficient enough to overwhelm the usually effective coping skills of either a individual or group. They are typically sudden, powerful events, which are outside of the range of ordinary human experiences."

Law enforcement work is stressful and has a strong impact on the health and behaviors of the personnel, including self destructive and suicidal behaviors.

Studies show that critical incidents can significantly change a person's perspective, and if left unattended, can deeply harm the psyche and one's ability to cope with day-to-day activity.

Mission of the CIRS Program

Assist emergency service workers who are effected by a "Traumatic Event" with a coordinated state wide Critical Incident Stress Management Program.

Goal: To provide the effected Emergency Service Worker with services that will mitigate or lessen the impact of the effects of critical incident stress, and accelerate the recovery following a traumatic event

This unique Service is available, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week by making one phone call to:

The Critical Incident Response Service at 1-800-367-6524.

CIRS Downloads
Sep 23, 2011
Critical Incident Downloads
CIRS Program Coordinator
Sep 23, 2011
Program Coordinator The Critical Incident Response Service Program Coordinator is Deirdre Delong. Deirdre has been a FOP member since 1988, she graduated from Miami University in 1989 and retired from Blue Ash Police Dept. She teaches basic academy classes and came to work with the CIRS program in 2010.
CIRS Stress Management
Sep 23, 2011
The Critical Incident Stress Management program, known as CISM, a multi-component crisis intervention curriculum, includes Pre-Incident Education, On scene or near scene management, One-on-One intervention, Demobilization, Crisis Management Briefing, Defusing, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD), Family Support, Community Crisis Response, Pastoral Crisis Intervention and Follow Up.

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